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Inspirato Magazine – Spring 2017

I designed this feature for Inspirato’s 2017 issue, using the beautiful photography of Julia Vandenoever.View full post »

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles – January/February 2017

The new year brought refreshing designs, people and products to Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine. Lots moreView full post »

Deer Valley Winter Guide

This is the Deer Valley Winter Guide that I designed for the winter of 2013/2014. I’m excited to have theView full post »

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine – September/October 2016

I had so much fun working on my first issue of Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazines, with the awesome Mark LeshView full post »

Vegetarian Times Editorial Design – September/October 2016

I recently wrapped up design of the September/October issue of Vegetarian Times. It was the first issue I executed fromView full post »

Inspirato Magazine Editorial Design – Summer 2016

I’ve been helping out Mark Lesh Design with Inspirato Magazine. It’s an editorial designer’sView full post »

BIGS Postcard Design

I designed this fun postcard for BIGS Sunflower Seeds (part of Thanasi Foods), to be inserted into sampling boxes andView full post »

Vegetarian Times Editorial Design

I’ve spent the last few months collaborating with the wonderful Wis Holt on Vegetarian Times Magazine, an ActiveView full post »

SKIING Magazine Editorial Design

Skiing Magazine is not quite as mainstream as SKI Magazine, it’s a sister publication but is very differentView full post »